Posted on: May 28, 2008 6:03 am

Spurs game 4 loss

Oh there are so many places to place blame on this one aren't there?

The officials? Sure, they flat missed it. You got a guy crashing into a shooter as he is trying to get up a shot after a pump fake forced a jittery Fisher to leap like a Siamese cat who just almost fell in a toilet.

The NBA front office? Of course. Anyone with half a brain knows that David Stern and his cohorts knows that the sure fire way to stimulate interest in the NBA again is to orchestrate a Lakers/Celtics final. All the gen-x'ers who were teens when Kareem and Magic went head to head with Bird and McHale, would have their memories stoked by the Blue and Gold of LA going up against the Celts green once again. If you honestly dont think Stern has instructed the refs in both series to put their whistles away in key situations like tonight in both series, you are in need of a drug test, cat scan AND a brain MRI.

Popovich and the Spurs coaching staff? Absolutely. In the play that could save their season, they call on Brent Barry of all people getting the ball at the top of the 3 pt line?? I'm sorry, but that was asinine. You play for the tie at home, and send it to OT, where the home fans can will you to victory. There HAD to be a play that could get the ball to someone closer to the basket for a higher % shot.

But mainly, I have to put the blame squarely on Brent Barry. I hate to do it because he had such a great game, but in that situation, a veteran like him should have known better. As soon as he saw the defender in the air flying toward him, totally committed, he has to know he has to start his jump shot. Jump INTO the flying Fisher. Instead of waiting for the inevitable collision, and THEN trying to get a shot off, he should have jumped and FORCED the refs to do SOMETHING! He didnt, they didnt, and now, the Spurs season and chance at a repeat are all but over. Shame it had to end this way.

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