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Pedro the china doll

Posted on: May 29, 2008 1:33 am
Its a shame really to see how Pedro is finishing his career.  One could make an argument that Pedro Martinez was the most dominant starting pitcher in the last 50 years of baseball for a 5 year span at least.  His winning percentage, ERA, WHIP and all his other ratios were mind boggling.  I'd put him up there with Koufax, Gibson, and Clemens.  Again, like Koufax, it has to be said that dominance was for a much shorter period.

That all being said, its hard to watch that legacy lose its luster.  Martinez is now a total china doll.  He makes a start or two and then hurts himself, and its off to the DL.  He comes back, throws a pitch or two, reaggravates something, and its back to the DL.  When he can stay healthy for more than a couple starts, it is obvious he has lost his velocity, which made him nasty.  It seems he can still be fairly effective as a Maddux-like location pitcher, but as a fan, thats not what I want to see.  He set the bar too high. 

Its weird, but watching Pedro now is kinda like watching Koufax if he HADN'T have retired when he did....on top.  Thats not how we want legends to leave the game.
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